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I've just started replaying Monkey Island 3. It's so great. Guybrush love forever! <3


*Sob Sob* I just finished playing it tonight and I feel so lost! I love it soooo much, in my opinion it’s the best Monkey Island game (although 2 is a close contestant). And Guybrush is such a cutie uwahhh.

It’s such a funny game from start to finish and the super stylistic artwork and talented voice acting makes it super immersive even for a ‘97 game. I’m kind of upset that the future MI games weren’t done in that awesome 2D animated style, since it really does feel like you’re playing an interactive cartoon movie. >.<


Monkey Island sampler, 2012.  Cross stitch.

I charted all the characters from sprites - all are from MI2 except for Stan, who’s MI1 because his jacket is more colorful in that game.  The four map pieces flank the central plaque. Several pictures here are from the work in progress.  Not shown are two small skull charms added to the piece for final display.

The whole thing is on fabric that measures 15” high by 18” wide, and I started posting progress on 9/23/12, which means this took less than 2 months to finish when it was completed on October 11, 2012.

The whole thing was hand-charted on Excel or graph paper. The banner with my name/date came from a chart off the Internet; I designed the central plaque based on the one from the world map xstitch I also did that year.

I had to adjust colors several times, especially the browns and grays. In the game, Wally is hanging from chains; maybe if I’d positioned him farther down, I could’ve done that, but as it was, he’s now hanging from a bar. The Voodoo Lady is supposed to be in her chair, but the chair was just too big and complicated to add to the piece, so she’s standing instead. I’m still not thrilled with Herman Toothrot’s face (he’s the meditating pirate).

I still think I’d like to do another of these someday, but this really does cover the whole Monkey Island sprite oeuvre pretty well.



Deluxe grog proof pirate mug spotted in the wild.

Thanks @goodo83 of Instagram for your amazing taste in adventure games and coffee mugs and for sending your ‘in the wild’ pics


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